A red accented concrete paver driveway.

Paver Driveway Scams 2023

Homeowner Guides to Avoiding Paver Scams

  • Paver Installation Scams

    While it's much more difficult to scam people with paver driveways, it has happened. 

    What we find is contractors who claim to be experts at paer driveways and have learned how to make big money scmaming unsuspecting homeowners! 

    Be sure and learn the most common paver installation scams before you hire your next paver installation contractor. 

    Paver installation job with multi colors of reds and browns.
  • Paver Maintenance & Repair Scams

    Paver repairs and paver sealing are two common paver maintenace and repair scams

    As a matter of fact, you may have already been scammed and you don;t even know it yet. 

    Learn about the most common paver repair and maintenance scams and avoid them from happening to you! 

    A broom pushing play sand into the seams of a paver driveway.