Consumer Advocate Patrick MattingleyWith nearly 3 decades of experience in the driveway business, AllAboutDriveways.com was created and developed by Consumer Advocate Patrick Mattingley.

“While there are many great companies out there to choose from, unfortunately, the driveway industry is full of dishonest and unethical contractors with one goal in mind: To maximize profits at the expense of quality and reputation.”

In response, Patrick developed AllAboutDriveways.com with one objective: “To help homeowners avoid getting burned by unethical contractors not only by learning all about the proper installation and maintenance of residential driveways, but also connect with honest and reliable companies that I’ve personally checked out that you can trust to get the job done right the first time.”

“When I first got into the business, it amazed me at how many people were committed to having a nice, quality driveway that looked just as beautiful as the rest of their home. However, it also amazed me at how many companies there were out there ready to take advantage of unknowing people at any cost.”

Perfect for homeowners doing research on their own, Patrick makes it simple to learn all about the proper installation and maintenance of driveways. Unlike local companies that are vying for your business, Patrick is an unbiased, disinterested 3rd party. Patrick has zero vested interest in who you choose for your driveway project, so you know you’re getting the cold, hard facts right here on our website.

“My job is to lay all of the facts out on the table about the proper driveway installation and maintenance techniques so homeowners can quickly and easily learn the right questions to ask their contractor to ensure they’re going to get a good, quality job that will last. It’s the homeowners job to hold the contractor accountable and prove that they’ll do the job right and stand behind their work.”

On the other hand, homeowners who simply want peace of mind and easy access to honest and reliable companies, Patrick has put together what he refers to as his “Trusted Contractor Resource Center”. A referral list in which each and every company has endured a rigorous pre-screening and background check process. When it comes to his reputation, Patrick only recommends THE BEST companies out there! Patrick never get’s involved in the bidding process, never gets involved in pricing, but simply connects homeowners with contractors.

Best of all… our website is 100% FREE to homeowners!

Patrick Mattingley and AllAboutDriveways.com
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Request a FREE estimate Today from Patrick’s Trusted Contractor Resource Center where we do the hard work for you. We research and background check every contractor we recommend so you don’t have to! We perform criminal back ground checks, check their online reputations and verify they carry insurance. Each company Patrick recommends agrees to provide their services ethically and to meet or exceed manufacturers specifications.

Online referral services focus only on providing leads to contractors. At AllAboutDriveways.com we take a sincere interest in helping homeowners by matching them with experienced, honest and ethical contractors. There is simply not a better resource anywhere for finding a reputable driveway contractor than Patrick Mattingley’s Trusted Referral List! You can also learn more about Patrick Mattingley by visiting his website at PatrickMattingley.com.

Or begin doing your own research by learning The most commonly asked questions about driveway installation and maintenance or watch videos or read eBooks that cover “The Most Common Ways Contractors Rip Us Off and How To Avoid Them”™.

These reports are designed to help consumers learn quickly and easily the most common rip off tricks of the trade by fly by night contractors.

Last, you can visit our Do It Yourself Training Center and learn how to perform maintenance and repairs on your driveway yourself.  Watch detailed videos or read our eBooks right from your computer.

Our goal is to be the #1 resource for driveway installation and maintenance on the internet!