Which Application Is Better Spray or Roller/Squeegee?

Sealing a concrete driveway with a roller

When it comes to concrete sealing, the truth is, either one is better than none at all.

For an even wear, we prefer a spray application. It's fast, it uses less material, but it can potentially be messy.

For a more durable application, we prefer a squeegee application with sand mixed in for traction. However, it can wear unevenly leaving visible brush marks as it ages. It takes more time and uses more material, but it lasts much longer.

How Many Coats Of Sealer Should Be Applied?

There are two types of applications: Spray and Squeegee.

Spray Application

When the sealer is sprayed on, it's applied with a spray wand coming out of a small tank. If the sealer is being applied with spraying equipment, then 2 coats of sealer is recommended.

Squeegee or Roller Application

When the sealer is squeegeed or rolled on, it's applied by pouring it from buckets and then spreading it with the squeegees or paint rollers. One or two coats can be applied.

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