How Thick Is A Concrete Driveway Overlay?

Overlaying a concrete driveway with a microtopping

Concrete overlays can be a beautiful addition to any home and can be done on just about any concrete surface: Driveways, patios, walkways, decks and the list goes on.

But how thick are concrete overlays?

There are two types of concrete overlays.

1/4" Concrete Overlays

1/4" overlays can be stamped, patterned, colored and even made even into murals, art designs and more.

Spray Concrete Overlays

Then there are overlays which are sprayed on and can be textured many different ways. Knockdown, orange peel, swirl patterns and more.

But each type of concrete overlay is performed on different applications. While a 1/4" overlay can be done on a patio or sidewalk, they should not be done on a driveway as vehicles are much too heavy for a 1/4" concrete overlays. A driveway should be limited to a spray overlay which will hold up better with heavy vehicles.

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