How Wide Should A Concrete Driveway Be?

A concrete driveway should be wide enough to keep from driving off of the edges

Concrete Driveway Width Is Important For A Driveway That Will Last

If your driveway is long and winding leading up to your home, how wide should it be?

It should be wide enough to keep from driving off of the edges!

When a vehicle drives off of the edge of a driveway, the concrete can crack and break off. This is especially true and can become a much bigger problem if the driveway is elevated. Eventually the cracked edges can break completely away which, unfortunately, is not repairable. Patching it is not a long term repair. The newer concrete will not bind to the older concrete causing it to crack and break away again.

So, how wide should the concrete driveway width be?

Well, that depends on who you ask. If you’re speaking to a"fly by night" contractor who has no vested interest into the long term life of your concrete driveway, they’ll tell you 8’ feet is ok.

If you’re speaking to a reputable contractor, between 10 and 12 feet is the recommended width.

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