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If you're looking for asphalt driveway paving estimates for your residential driveway, you've come to the right place!

We're All About Driveways, a website dedicated to helping homeowners just like you not only learn all about the proper installation and maintenance of residential driveways, but also find honest and reliable companies to help you get the job done right the first time!

With nearly 2 decades of experience in the asphalt industry, our founder Patrick Mattingley, has carefully gathered together the best asphalt driveway paving contractors serving Hampton .

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"How To Virtually Guarantee A Professionally Installed Asphalt Driveway That Will Last A Lifetime!"

Why you should be careful when searching and selecting an asphalt driveway paving contractor?

Did you know the asphalt driveway paving industry is one of the most fraudulent industries in the country? Asphalt paving scams can be found just about everywhere in the country! And yes... unfortunately even in and around the Hampton area! There's little or virtually no regulation of asphalt driveway paving. More people get taken advantage of by unethical and inexperienced driveway paving contractors than just about any other industry out there!

And the worst part is... most people don't even realize it until it's too late!


Think about it... how many asphalt driveways does the average homeowner purchase in a lifetime? One, two... maybe three? Therefore, most of us don't understand the proper asphalt driveway paving techniques that will make a driveway last a lifetime like it should. These unethical contractors know this! They know most people don't understand asphalt driveway installation, which makes it easy for them to take advantage of unsuspecting people. They know that when we ask them questions, they can simply reply with answers we want to hear, rather than giving us the honest answers in an attempt to earn our trust. They assure us they'll do a great job and for a far better price then their competitors, but conveniently leave out the most important details... important details that the average person wouldn't know or even think to ask! Then, when they perform the job, they cut corners on quality to save time and money, ultimately increasing their profits! They hope their job will last just long enough to outlive their warranty, if they even have one, so that by the time we realize the job is bad, they're already long gone with our hard earned money!

Unfortunately we end up spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on repair, resurfacing or even complete removal and replacement.

Compare These Two Pictures Of Asphalt - Blacktop Driveways Below:

It may be an obvious answer to a silly question but, which would you rather have in front of your home?

A new blacktop or asphalt driveway that's
installed properly and lasts a lifetime?

A newly installed asphalt driveway paving job by a reputable asphalt paving contractor!

Or a driveway that plagues you with problems
and countless driveway repairs year after year?

asphalt driveway paving with a crown

We've seen poor asphalt driveway paving time after time after time! Can you imagine paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars only to wind up having an eyesore for an asphalt driveway in front of your home instead of the nice driveway you'd imagined? A constant reminder of being taken advantage of every time you drive up to your home?

Well it it can happen. As a matter of fact, we receive hundreds of questions and numerous complaints from homeowners from all over the country asking us about unethical asphalt driveway paving contractors. It's an industry plagued with unethical contractors.

Unfortunately, the same problems can occur with inexperienced driveway contractors as well. While they may have had good intentions, a poorly installed asphalt driveway can cause just as many headaches, wasted money on repairs and continued disappointment. Ultimately, you still end up with a driveway that looks patched and with a variation of colors. So putting too much trust in an inexperienced contractor is just not worth it! Worse? Making the mistake of hiring a driveway paving contractor that ends up just ripping us off!

It's Just Not Worth The Risk Is It?

So how does a person choose an asphalt driveway paving contractor and be certain they have adequate experience? How does a person choose an asphalt driveway paving contractor and be certain they're not going to mislead us and simply tell us what we want to hear rather than give us the hard facts? How can a person be sure that the contractor they want to hire hasn't ripped off other homeowners in the past? How can a person be sure the contractor they hire has the proper licensing and insurance? How much does proper driveway paving cost? Is the contractor even insured?

These are all questions that most of us ask, but really have no way of knowing or where to even begin doing such research! To do such extensive background verification on a company or company owner can require a vast amount of time, money and elusive resources. But even then... with little or no knowledge of asphalt driveway paving, there's just no guarantee that the job will turn out right if you don't know exactly what you're looking for.

So What's The Solution?

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Pre-screened and background checked expert contractors!

a driveway paving contractor rolling the asphalt

We've been in the driveway business for well over a decade, and during that time we've installed and maintained thousands of residential asphalt driveways.

We started to help homeowners save time and money and avoid the pitfalls of a poorly installed asphalt driveway.

Everything you need to know is right here, in one place, on this web site! Patrick Mattingley, the creator and developer of, shares his almost 2 decades of experience and provides transparent, unbiased facts and details about all phases of asphalt driveway installation and maintenance.

Just a few minutes of research on our web site has the potential of saving years of headaches and hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on unnecessary driveway maintenance and repairs!

The bottom line... here at, we provide you with all of the information you need to help save you from the regret of hiring the wrong asphalt driveway paving Hampton company!

So Why Request An Estimate From

Simple! We've Done All Of The Hard Work For You!

We've performed a rigorous pre-screening and background check process on each and every company that we have listed on our referral list which includes:

Driveway paving company cleared Check
Criminal Record Search, SSN & Identity Verification, Sexual Offender Registry, and Terrorist Database check.
Cleared Check
All contractors must provide current and ongoing proof of General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance. This way if any property is damaged or an employee is hurt while installing your new asphalt driveway you know you're covered! As a Certificate Holder, we're notified immediately if one of our members insurance is cancelled or has lapsed. That contractor is then immediately removed from our list until insurance is reinstated!
Driveway paving company cleared Check
All contractors must be properly licensed in the state, counties and cities that they perform asphalt driveway paving. **Where licensing is required
Driveway paving company cleared Check
All contractors must have been in business for a minimum of 1 year. We know exactly what questions to ask and what to look for to verify a contractors knowledge and experience about asphalt driveway paving!
Driveway paving company cleared Check
All contractors must agree to perform asphalt driveway installation services at or above manufacturer's specifications and deliver an exceptional customer experience! No driveway paving Hampton contractor is immune to our guidelines. If you have a complaint about any of the contractors listed on our referral list, we'll investigate it and help to mediate a swift resolution.
Driveway paving company cleared Check
Only contractors who agree to our strict guidelines will be listed as an official member of our Exclusive Contractor Referral List. Contractors who don't adhere to these guidelines will be immediately removed as one of our recommended companies!
Driveway paving company cleared Check
We take our job and your protection very serious! There is absolutely no one that goes to the extent that we do to provide you with peace of mind. The entire pre-screening process can take up to 7-10 days before we approve and recommend a company.
Driveway paving company cleared Check
Honest, trustworthy contractors that provide quality work are hard to find. Good contractors come and go. In the event that we do not have any official members in Hampton , we'll forward your request to our partner network in an effort to help you obtain the estimates you were expecting. *Partner Network's Privacy Policy will Apply.

We Know You Can Trust Our Official Registered Driveway Paving Hampton Contractors!

As a matter of fact, out of all of the asphalt driveway paving contractors we've spoken to in Hampton , very few are willing to endure our vetting process.

The only driveway paving contractors we recommend are only the ones that we would hire for our own home. You can rest easy and feel confident knowing that we're here to help you get a good, quality asphalt driveway paving that will last!


Request A FREE Asphalt Driveway Paving Estimate From Our Pre-Screened Hampton Contractors!

Enter your estimate request into the form below or call 1-866-966-9939. We'll provide you with up to
three (3) estimates from our pre-screened driveway paving contractors serving Hampton right away!

Asphalt Driveway Paving Hampton

Residential asphalt driveway paving Hampton
get driveway paving estimates from up to 3 asphalt driveway paving contractors. Send one email, get up to three estimates!

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