Is Asphalt Driveway Sealer Water based Or Oil Based?

water based and oil based asphalt sealer

Is Asphalt Driveway Sealer Water based Or Oil Based?


But most reputable contractors use water based sealers.

Water based sealers can be an asphalt emulsion sealer, coal tar sealer or a mixture of both. Coal tar sealers are slowly getting phased out of the market as they are claimed to be carcinogenic and bad for the environment. As a matter of fact some states have banned coal tar based sealer.

Oil based sealers are also becoming more and more rare these days as they are high in VOC's and are not good for the environment either. While there are some good contractors out there who use use oil based sealers, unfortunately, they're few and far between. Most, not all, contractors that use oil based sealers are not applying the sealer per manufacturers specifications.

So why do they use them?

To increase profits!

Learn more about it by seeing our report on “The Most Common Ways Asphalt Repair, Maintenance & Sealcoating Contractors Rip Us Off and How To Avoid Them”.

Choosing a good contractor to sealcoat your drive way on the other hand is equally important! Request an asphalt repair, maintenance or sealcoating estimate from one of our Trusted Asphalt Repair Contractors today!

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