The Most Common Ways Asphalt Installation Contractors
Rip Homeowners Off And How To Avoid Them

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The extra asphalt sales pitch. Don

The Extra Asphalt Sales Pitch

If you’ve ever had an asphalt contractor knock on your door and tell you “We have extra asphalt leftover from the last job”. There’s a good chance you could have been taken by a very common asphalt scam if you would have said yes!

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The # most common asphalt driveway scam is too thin

The #1 Most Common Asphalt Scam

The #1 most common way asphalt contractors scam us! The worst part about this scam? Most people don’t even realize they’ve been scammed until it’s way too late and the contractor is long gone!

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Asphalt too thin on a crowned asphalt driveway in the middle of the driveway

The Cheaters Grading Job

If you have a long one lane driveway, make sure you watch this video! You’ll be amazed by the tricks that some asphalt scammers will pull to increase their profits and rip us off.

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Beware of the added warranty sales pitch by asphalt scammers

The Added Warranty Sales Pitch

Don't fall for the bait and switch warranty that some asphalt contractors use to fill their pockets with even more of your money. This is the subtle but effective asphalt scam!

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Beware of the low priced asphalt driveway

Caution – Beware Of The Lowest Price

Is the cheapest price ever the best deal? 98% of the complaints we receive, the homeowner chose the lowest price. A low price in THIS business should ALWAYS raise red flags! Find out why!

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Little or no grading on a driveway leads to water problems

The Minimal Grading Job

A driveway is only as good as the investment into the preparation. How much excavation and grading does YOUR driveway need?

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Adding asphalt on top of an existing driveway is called an overlay or capping. Not all driveways can be overlayed

Driveway Overlays/Capping: Is Your Driveway REALLY A Candidate?

Driveway overlays, or capping as it's sometimes called, is a great way to save money vs removing and replacing your existing driveway. But could an overlay actually cause more problems than their worth?

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What should be in an asphalt contract?

No Written Contract – Is it really worth the risk?

A handshake and a smile. It used to be that you could trust a man for his word. Can you still? Find out the details to look for in your contract to make sure you’re getting the job done right.

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Beware of contractors with no insurance

A HUGE Risk… An Uninsured Contractor

Is your contractor REALLY insured? Don’t put yourself at risk of losing everything you own. One of the biggest risks of them all is hiring an asphalt driveway scammer that doesn’t carry insurance but shows you fake proof he does!

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You can submit a complaint against asphalt contractors

Who CAN You Trust?

Now that you're armed with all of this information about asphalt scam and how the asphalt scammers operate, how do you know who you can trust?

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Asphalt scams rob people of their hard earned money each and every year. Unfortunately, most people don’t find these asphalt scams videos, or the eBook until it’s too late. We do our best to make it easy for people to find these videos on the latest paving scams of 2018 to try and help as many people avoid getting ripped off by these scammers as possible.

**A very important note. There are those who refer to scams as gypsy scams, gypsy paving scams and gypsy pavers. There are those out there who use the term innocently, not knowing this could be a racially insensitive term, therefore, we do not use this term at all in any of our references. After all, it’s not any one race or color that rip people off anyway. There are plenty of fly by night contractors who rip homeowners off regardless of skin color or race.

We want to make sure we help to educate as many homeowners about these asphalt scams as possible and help those who are seeking help to find these videos avoid getting ripped off by any scam, whether it be an asphalt paving scam or any other type of asphalt scam.


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WOW. I learned a lot from these videos. We had someone come to our door and I started the process of checking them out. That’s when I came across your website. I know what I should expect now. Thanks for the great information. 


 Your welcome Vickie! Glad we could help!


Had one come to my office. I told him I was going to count to five and let my 120 lb German Shepherd dog loose. He didn’t move as fast as I could count. I wonder what kind of insurance Gypsies have?


 They’re insurance is about as good as their good work… it doesn’t exist!

Jereme Richardson

Im a “GYPSY” and take offense to that word. YOU guys have no right to use such a derogatory term. I carry general liability, workmens comp, and a surety bond. It is websites like these that cause problems for everyone. not every bad job is done by a fly by night or traveler. If that was the case I wouldn’t hear so many complaints about local companies. There are several local companies in the state I work that have a very bad reputation of doing subpar work and charging up to 3 times the amount I do. If it wasn’t… Read more »


I laugh at you guys who email me and complain without reading EVERY SINGLE WORD ON THE WEBSITE: **A very important note. At first we referred to some of the scams as gypsy scams, gypsy paving scams and gypsy pavers. However, there are some people of gypsy descent who feel as though using gypsy and scams together is a racist type of reference. With that in mind, we don’t refer to the paving scammers as gypsies or gypsy scammers. We do however still reference the terms because there are those out there who use the term innocently, not knowing that… Read more »


The real question is NOT how long someone has been IN the business but how long has a company been registered as a business in a particular state? This question is BY FAR much more valuable for homeowners. Why? Because there are MANY, MANY individuals that tout how long they have been “in the business/family business” but only stay in business just long enough to rip people off, ruin their reputation, go out of business and then start a NEW business with a DIFFERENT name and then do the same thing over again! The end result is someone that promotes… Read more »

Marble Voter

Being a Gypsy Asphalt man could be ok if your guys weren’t dishonest about being one. Sad to say we were duped by a man saying he was with your company. He said “he had left over tar from a job he was doing – chip and seal – and wanted to use up what was left. He never said what job- and I didn’t think to ask him where. He said he may have enough to do about 1/2 of our driveway at $15. sq yd. – about 1500.00 We agreed to that. Of course, miracously, he had enough… Read more »

You shouldn’t feel scammed. You WERE scammed. We do not so any installation work ourselves therefore they were not from my company. Why didn’t you contact me right from the start? You should have NEVER paid the scumbags.

Marble Voter

I didn’t know about this site. I tried to find something on them, but only thing was a good review with pictures. I expected them to stop 1/2 way. I have always been better at this sort of thing, but this time we fell for it. It is sad they do this to anyone and worse that we fell for it ! I wonder just how many people get scammed this way.

Im sorry you were sxammed. Please email their names and phone numbers to me at

Marble Voter

I tried to email you, but it came back as undeliverable.

bill wells

good thing for you or they would own your office and then they would see how good your insurance was !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great information.  In the process of screening Asphalt paving companies…If you listen carefully there lies come out…..Thanks a Million for the valuable videos and information….Great work, great presentations…..


 Thanks! That’s exactly what our goal is here… to arm consumers with tools necessary to spot these guys and avoid them!


great information i am having my driveway tarmac and now know what to check for and make sure a proper job is done

Ron  England 


I used to work in the paving buisiness for a good contractor & we did all of those things you mentioned in your videos. That is the way we did our work. Thanks for informing everyone on these issues. I am currently in the process of having a driveway installed & I can’t wait to check out some contractors when I go for estemates. They will be shocked at how much I know about paving.Once again, thank you for the videos.


Thanks for the great comments! Glad we can help!


How do I recommend a company I hired? (Company Name Hidden) out of northern va done a amazing job from start to finish

bill wells

where is the tack oil and petromat and can that small roller get the compaction that it need to pass the compaction test

Tack oil on a new job? Petromat on the soil?? Compaction test on a residential driveway? When you get more experience, come back by and ask the question again.

In the mean time. please tell everyone the name of your company.

bill wells

Yeah tack oil and petromat on new it’s not just for recaps but you still have not got to the small roller unless you are putting it down thin!

Ha ha! Putting it down thin? Define “thin” smart guy! I wasn’t aware that Wacker manufactured a roller for thin asphalt only! Your attempt to make yourself look like you know what you’re talking about only proves you don’t. Truth is… you’re a scammer and you don’t have the balls to tell everyone who you are. No honest, quality contractor comes here, comments and displays their stupidity so openly. After 6 years of doing this… only the scammers do. If you’re such a great contractor… tell everyone your name. With the 10’s of thousands of visitors that come here… you’re… Read more »

bill wells

No but rhetoric do make small rollers for finishing to remove lines and as far as not knowing I was paving magazine paver of the year so show me your awards and I’ll show you mine you think because you are on YouTube you are a somebody but I bet the gypsies you are talking about does better work you are a joke you have it your way and I’ll have it the right way

Rhetoric? It appears to me and the entire www that you’re the one with rhetoric. You come to MY website and make uneducated comments and then tell me I’m slinging rhetoric? Again I say Mr Expert. You’re nothing.You obviously suck at marketing. Only a FOOL would not take advantage of the 10’s of thousands of visitors to this website and not tell everyone their name when they claim to be such a great company. Show us your awards big man! Show us your video you claim to have that “reveals your secrets”!! You won’t because you don’t have any. You’re… Read more »

By the way… there’s very few GOOD companies in and around San Fransisco, San Jose and Northern California. We already have the BEST companies listed on my referral list in your area so there wouldn’t be any room for you even if you were you you claim to be. As I said before, the good companies don’t waste their time critiquing me… only the scammers do which is obvious that’s what you are. Put up or shut up. Show us your award big man! I’ll leave it up on this website for everyone to see!!

EXACTLY what I thought. NO balls. All talk… no action.

bill wells

And compaction is the biggest failure in asphalt I would tell you my company but the you would learn how to put a in by watching my video

Fay Roberts

Am watching all your video’s right now – I’m in Australia so can’t use your services, but am so grateful for your honest advice as it is going to help me from being ripped off (standard here in Regional Australia) . My question is: I live in a tropical area – Very Hot, humid and serious rainstorms. (similar to Florida climate). I have been advised to seal straight away – but you say 6 months? Can you clarify please.


Hey buddy I go door to door everyday ill be laying your parents driveway tomorrow what’s there address jealous f uck you mad cause I can go out and make more money than you cause I can pull in your town and lay down more asphalt in one week then you do in one year you are a jack off my friend get off your ass us gypsys do more work and better work then most you nickle dicks do so quit complaining

Ha ha!! No you make a living ripping people off!! Fool!! Do us all a favor and tell us your name, company and where you work so we can all watch how great you think you are! Bet you money you’re to scared to tell us! I’ll be waiting…


Is there any advantage of laying asphalt in the hot summer vs the colder winter from either the technical side (will the work last longer if done in cold vs hot weather) or the pricing side (are asphalt contracters less busy in the colder months and thereby more willing to lower prices to get the business)?

Depending on where you’re at in the country, getting asphalt in the cold winter most likely won’t happen as the asphalt plants are closed. Laying the asphalt in cold weather can result in less dense compaction. The colder it is, the less density therefore the less durable so it’s better to have an asphalt driveway installed in the spring, summer and fall, again… depending on where you’re at in the country. You may get a better price in the spring, but the risk of getting a low quality job if the day that it’s being paved is cool probably isn’t… Read more »

It’s something that can rarely be done to perfection. Typically riser rings are used and the common practice is to set them just slightly lower than the surface of the asphalt. for a few reasons. 1) If you live in a snowy region, we want to avoid catching the edge of a snow plow, shovel or snow blower. 2) Over time the asphalt will ever so slightly settle so leaving it a bit low will help to avoid #1.

As far as running the asphalt machine over them? How would you do it? Very carefully.


i am a proud owner of a paving company in Texas have had great success for the last 7 years and now the local joke tries to steal bids under me for literally nothing how can a company lay hot mix asphalt at 2 inches for a dollar a sqf but yet we’re the scammers I sell asphalt door to door every day we have reliable references and are fully insured so would this make me a scam artist? Just think it’s funny how you label people and good company’s that you no so little about sure there are some… Read more »

I cant decide if you’re a pissed off scammer or if you just don’t get it. There are MANY great companies out there. Most of them can only be found through me. And yes… typically door to door asphalt salesman are scammers. Not ALL… but most.

P Gr

Why does our 1 year old asphalt driveway (all new driveway) show tire imprints in the asphalt? Contractor says nothing wrong with his work, driveway is 2 inches thick (compacted vs. uncompacted not specified), but we shouldn’t be parking cars in driveway. He also said the steepness of our driveway is part of the problem; I would estimate it’s less than a 45 degree grade. Says he told original owner he should not park on it, and owner confirmed they never parked in driveway but out on the street or in garage. Of course this info didn’t convey to us… Read more »

That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. What would be the purpose of having a driveway if you can’t even park on it? Are there asphalt parking lots in your area? Take a look at those… do those have tire marks? Probably not. You’re being fed a line of bull. The asphalt is not being compacted well enough. But I could be I guess. Doubtful though. I would like to talk to this contractor. What part of the country do you live in?

P Gr

I wholeheartedly agree — what is the point of having a driveway if all it’s good for is to get from the street to the garage? We’re in central Virginia–Charlottesville. Contractor is C&G Paving in Afton, VA. I talked with Jeff one of the 2 owners. It’s been in business several years.