A readily apparent asphalt repair scam long after the work was completed.

Asphalt Repair & Maintenance Scams 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Asphalt Paving Scams

Asphalt Repair & Maintenance Scams

  • Asphalt Crack Sealing Scams

    Some asphalt contractors will make it seem like anything will do when it comes to sealing cracks in your asphalt driveway.
    But sealing the cracks in your asphalt driveway is one of the most important aspects in making it last a lifetime. 

    A crack in an asphalt driveway.
  • Asphalt Sealing

    There's plenty of asphalt sealing companies out there. 

    But how do you know if the one you're going to pick is using asphalt sealer or something else that does nothing to protect your investment?

    A poorly sealed asphalt driveway where it meets at the road.
  • Asphalt Patching

    Will just adding a little bit of hot or cold asphalt to a cracked and broken area or a small pothole on an asphalt driveway last? 

    Or will it be money down the drain in a matter of a few short weeks?

    An asphalt skin patch on a fairly new asphalt driveway.