Why Request An Estimate From AllAboutDriveways.com?

We go the extra mile to make you're connected with honest and reliable companies

Background Checks

We perform an intensive and thorough “Best Practices” background check on each and every owner of a company. All owners must pass this background check to qualify to become an Official AllAboutDriveways.com Recommended Company.

We've partnered with ReliableBackgroundScreening.com to perform all background checks on applying companies.

Legal Business Registration

All companies must provide documentation proving registration with state and federal agencies. Unregistered businesses are not be considered for listing.

Workers Compensation & General Liability Insurance

All companies MUST maintain at all times General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance (Where required by law). We require we be listed as a certificate holder on these policies so that if they are ever canceled or lapsed, we are notified immediately and the company is removed from our list until insurance is reinstated.


Companies must have been in business a minimum of 1 year and provide documentation showing proof of time business was registered. 1-5 years of past references are also be required. We contact each and every reference to verify a companies reputation.

Business Reputation

Online reputation is reviewed and investigated. Written responses may be requested in some cases where questionable information arises.


Companies listed on AllAboutDriveways.com understand that this is an exclusive referral list and agree to NEVER subcontract work or pass leads to companies not approved by TrustPatrick.com. Doing so results in immediate termination of said company.


All companies must agree to perform services at or above industry specifications and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

If you are aware of a company that has violated any of these requirements, please contact us by submitting a complaint.