Interlocking Paver Maintenance FAQ’s

Sorry! We’re still compiling our Paver Driveway Maintenance FAQ’s.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, ask a question in the comments section below or send us an email!

Someone will get back with you within 24 to 48 hours.


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Mike S

I live in Northeast Florida. I am about to build a house with a rather large (3,400sf) paver driveway. My question is what type of driveway base would be best for pavers? Crushed concrete or crushed granite?

Either one would be just just fine but I prefer granite.

Mike S

Thant’s for your answer. I’m new to this subject and am not a contractor. I’ve been told a granite base allows for water to percolate down into the soil. Concrete base does not. Are there any other attributes of crushed concrete I need to consider other than allowing for water run off? I haven’t investigated the cost of crushed granite locally but have gotten 2 estimates on installation of a paver driveway. The first contractor wanted to use a granite base, the other a concrete base. There was a $1.50 psf difference in cost? Not sure how much of that… Read more »

There’s nothing wrong with the base being pervious as it allows water to seep into the soil beneath which is why crushed granite is just fine. I prefer granite simply because I like the density of compaction you can get with it vs crushed concrete.