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We’re All About Driveways.A website dedicated to helping homeowners learn all about the proper installation and maintenance of residential driveways. We also pride ourselves in assisting homeowners in finding the best driveway companies in the business. Honest companies that will do the job right the first time.

The creator of AllAboutDriveways, Consumer Advocate Patrick Mattingley, has over 3 decades of experience in the driveway repair business. Utilizing his extensive experience, Patrick has carefully pre-screened and extensively background checked driveway repair contractors from all over the country. Needless to say, if they meet his strict criteria, he then lists them right here on All About Driveways

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How To Virtually Guarantee Driveway Repair And Driveway Sealing That Will Last

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Why you should be careful when searching and selecting an asphalt driveway repair contractor?

Did you know asphalt driveway repair and sealing is one of the most fraudulent industries in the country? Asphalt repair scams happen everywhere in the country, even in Fayetteville.

Sadly, there is zero regulation of asphalt driveway repair and sealing services. In fact, more people are taken advantage of by inexperienced and unethical driveway repair and sealing contractors than just about any other home maintenance service.

Regrettably, most people don't realize it until it's too late, which is the worst part!



Think about it… asphalt driveway repair and sealing is not ridiculously expensive. For the most part, services like minor patching and crack sealing aren’t either.

But to get into the asphalt repair business, there’s very little specialized knowledge or a substantial up-front investment required. Particularly if the contractor is completing the work by hand or renting the equipment.

All you need is a pickup, a 55-gallon drum or a 275-gallon tote, some hand tools, and materials to start an asphalt driveway repair and sealing business.

Now, that’s not meant to demean the good, honest and hardworking driveway repair contractors out there. Some very hard working folks in the business strive to produce excellent quality driveway repair services.

New upstarting contractors who are just starting in the business sometimes need to begin with drums or even totes to store their sealer. That doesn't necessarily make them wrong or dishonest.

However, to protect themselves, a person still must do their due diligence when hiring an asphalt driveway repair or asphalt driveway sealing company.

Here’s why:

Some contractors, who have no business being in the asphalt business, will bid jobs very low just to outbid the good, honest contractors who run their businesses above board.

That's easy to do when you're not carrying general liability insurance or workers compensation insurance. It's also easy to do when you're willing to cut your products below manufacturers specifications to reduce costs and increase profits.

But the problem really arises if these contractors get awarded the job. They always fall way short on quality.

How do they do it?

Keep reading…

We get it. These low prices are tempting. We all want to save money right? We all love a great deal. But when it comes to asphalt driveway repair and driveway sealing, the long term effects of poor quality work using substandard materials can actually work against us instead. They can be damaging to a driveway rather than beneficial.

The end result of poor driveway repair and driveway sealing can end up costing much more in the long run. It has the potential of costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to fix these mistakes.

Worse yet, work performed so poorly that you have to hire asphalt paving contractors to come in and completely redo the driveway just to make it look right and bring the value of your home back up.

Common Ways Driveway Repair Contractors Cheat Homeowners:

Asphalt Skin Patching

Patching over areas where the asphalt should be removed and replaced. Instead, they repair the pavement with a thin layer of new hot asphalt that will not withstand normal wear and tear and fail within a couple of months or weeks. This is also known as a “skin patch.” It’s merely just a band-aid patch job that will last just long enough for the contractor to get paid and get out fast.

Improper Filling of Asphalt Cracks

Similarly, they perform asphalt driveway crack repair with products that do absolutely nothing to prevent water from penetrating the cracks which ends up causing further damage to the asphalt in the future.

Common Ways Driveway Sealing Companies Short Homeowners:

Watered Down Asphalt Sealer

Watering down and diluting asphalt emulsion and coal tar sealers far beyond manufacturer specifications to get more coverage, decrease costs and increase profits. Diluting sealers does absolutely nothing to protect the asphalt which is what it was designed for.

Diluted Oil Based Asphalt Sealer

Diluting oil-based asphalt sealers with solvents, gasoline, and thinners gives the illusion that the asphalt has been sealed. The reality? It’s simply been painted black. This does absolutely nothing to protect your asphalt either. This is actually one of the most common asphalt sealing scams out there!

And one of the worst disservices…

Rather than consulting us and giving sound, honest advice, some contractors will recommend sealing the driveway even when it doesn’t need it. This is easy money. Less sealer, less time and higher profits.

Take A Look At The Asphalt Driveway Below:

A picture of an asphalt driveway that was sealed much too frequently

An asphalt driveway repair contractor who repeatedly sealed this driveway when it should have been removed and replaced

Another picture of an asphalt driveway that was over sealed

Driveway sealing job that should have never been done and should have been removed and replaced.

This asphalt driveway was sealed far too frequently and wound up needing to be removed and replaced to be adequately repaired.

The homeowner used the same driveway repair contractor year after year and rather than honestly and professionally consulting the homeowner, helping them to protect their investment, this contractor just continued getting paid to seal the driveway year after year when they knew it didn’t need it. The homeowner just called him every year and said “Seal my driveway,” and the contractor didn’t argue. He just showed up and did the work. That's poor business. That's dishonest.

Imagine paying hundreds of dollars to have your asphalt driveway sealed every year, or even every couple of years, thinking you’re protecting it and extending the life of it, only to find out that instead, it was really doing the exact opposite and speeding up the deterioration process? What a disservice that is, isn’t it?

Honesty And Experience Can Make The Difference

We receive hundreds of questions and complaints from homeowners from all over the country about unethical asphalt driveway repair and sealing companies who do these very same things. We see the results of unethical driveway repair advice and over sealing just like this, day after day.

Unfortunately, the same problems can arise with inexperienced contractors as well. While they may have good intentions, they can cause more headaches and wasted money trying to fix their mistakes. Ultimately, it just ends up costing us much more money in the long run. We’ve even seen instances where a driveway had to be removed and replaced at only 10 years old just because it was over sealed.

Moreover, sealing the asphalt may make the driveway look good and even help with melting snow in the winter, it’s true intentions are to extend the life of your asphalt driveway and spread the replacement costs out over 20 to 30 years.

Putting too much trust in an inexperienced contractor is just not worth it. Worse is, making the mistake of hiring an asphalt driveway repair contractor or driveway sealing company that ends up just ripping us off.

Trusting Just Any Company To Repair & Seal Your Asphalt Driveway Is Just Not Worth The Risk

Ask yourself these questions?

  • How can a person be positive a driveway repair company they're about to hire has adequate experience?
  • Rather than giving us the cold hard facts, how can a person be sure a contractor is not misleading us and merely telling us what we want to hear?
  • Has the contractor ripped off other homeowners in the past?
  • What’s the best avenue to be sure they’re adequately licensed?
  • What is the best resource to get confirmation that a contractor is insured while they’re on the job?
  • How much does proper driveway repair in Bullhead City actually cost?


These are all questions we should ask, but really have no way of knowing how or where to begin doing such research. To do such extensive background verification on a company can require a vast amount of time, money and resources.

Nevertheless, with little or no knowledge of asphalt driveway repair and sealing services, there’s just no guarantee that the job will turn out right. Especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for exactly.

What’s The Solution?

The Solution To Avoiding Getting Burned By Unethical Contractors Is

Pre-screened and background checked expert driveway repair contractors!

We've been in the driveway business for almost three decades. Moreover, during that time, we've installed and maintained thousands of residential asphalt driveways.

We started to help homeowners save time and money and avoid the pitfalls of a poorly repaired asphalt driveway.

Everything you need to know is right here, in one place. Patrick, Consumer Advocate with and creator of, shares his vast experience of the driveway business. Patrick provides transparent, unbiased facts and details about all phases of asphalt driveway repair and asphalt driveway sealing. He's also extremely knowledgable about asphalt patching, asphalt crack repairs, and basic overall asphalt driveway maintenance.

Asphalt repair contractors repairing and patching an asphalt driveway

Just a few minutes of research on has the potential of saving years of headaches and hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on unnecessary driveway maintenance and repairs.

Equally as important, getting answers to the most frequently asked questions about asphalt driveway repair, maintenance and sealing that are unbiased and factual can also assist in helping you avoid choosing the wrong company.

The bottom line? Here at, we can provide you with all the information you need to help save you from the painful regret of hiring the wrong asphalt driveway repair company in Bullhead City.

So Why Request An Estimate From

It’s Simple We’ve Done All Of The Hard Work For You!

We’ve performed a rigorous pre-screening and background check process on every company that we have listed on our referral list which includes:

Criminal Record Search, SSN & Identity Verification, Sexual Offender Registry, and Terrorist Database check.

To minimize risk of a homeowners liability if property is damaged or an employee is hurt while on the job, we require companies to provide proof of General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance. Additionally, we request that we are listed as a Certificate Holder on all policies so that if insurance has been canceled or has lapsed, we receive notification. We immediately remove companies in this event.

Contractors must also provide proof of licensing in the state, counties, and cities that they perform their services. **Where licensing is required.

All contractors must have been in business for a minimum of 1 year. We know exactly what questions to ask and what to look for to verify a contractors knowledge and experience about asphalt driveway repair services.

All contractors must agree to perform asphalt driveway repair services at or above manufacturer\'s specifications and deliver an exceptional customer experience. No driveway repair contractor is immune to our strict criteria. If you have a complaint about any of the contractors listed on our referral list, we'll investigate it and help to mediate a swift resolution.

Contractors who agree to our strict guidelines become “Official AllAboutDriveways Recommended Driveway Repair Companies.” We remove contractors from our website who don’t adhere to these guidelines.

We take our job and your protection very seriously. We go the extra mile to provide our users with peace of mind. Consequently, the pre-screening and approval process can take up to 7-10 days.

Honest and trustworthy contractors that provide quality work are hard to find, and the good ones come and go for various reasons. In the event that we do not have an Official Recommended Driveway Repair Company we can recommend in Fayetteville, we’ll forward your request to our partner network to help you obtain the estimates you were expecting. *Partner Network’s Privacy Policy will Apply.

We Know You Can Trust Our Fayetteville Driveway Repair Contractors

Out of all of the asphalt driveway repair companies in Bullhead City, very few are willing to endure our extreme vetting process.

The only driveway repair contractors we recommend are only the ones that we would hire for our own home. You can rest easy and feel confident knowing that we're here to help you get a good, quality asphalt driveway asphalt driveway repair or driveway sealing services that will last.


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