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Paving Scammer Arrested!
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6/23/2011 - Perry, GA Another driveway paved too thin!

A homeowner contacted us from Perry Georgia! WOW! What a horrible rip off job did they receive. A retired couple in their 70's, on a fixed income who had saved their hard earned money ended up hiring a scum contractor to pave their driveway. Here's their story:
"I was approached by a young man claiming to have some "left- over" material from a prior job and asked if I wanted my driveway paved. He quoted $1.50 sq. ft."

This is exactly what we cover in our video from our series "The most common ways asphalt installation contractors rip us off and how to avoid them!" TM It's the very first video in our series. Watch it here >>

Unfortunately the homeowner agreed to have them pave their driveway. The homeowner goes on to say... "Then his dad showed up with a dump truck. After they paved a few feet from my house they ran out of material. Then the price went up to $1.85 because the son had quoted too low a price according to the dad."

Homeowners: This is the oldest trick of the trade. Don't buy it!

The homeowner continues, "My wife, not knowing any better had let him pressure her into writing a check to him personally for the full amount, $9400.00, because he claimed he had to have the money to pay for materials and his crew. Needless to say, once he got my hard earned money he was hard to contact. I am 70 years old and on a fixed income so I cannot afford to pay to have it paved again. We saved a long time and done without a lot of things we really need-ed to pay for it this time."

This homeowner just began the process of suing this contractor. We're going to help them go after this scumbag contractor with everything we have! We'll keep you updated!
2/26/2011 - Franktown, CO Another driveway paved too thin!

A homeowner contacted us about his story. He hired an asphalt paving contractor to pave his driveway last year. They got along well, the contractor seemed to be a pretty honest and nice guy. They talked about everything that should be discussed... or so this homeowner thought! They discussed the thickness of the asphalt, how long the job would take, what time they would get started the next day. Wait until you hear this story! This story is a dime a dozen and happens every single day with asphalt driveway scams. We have all of the video and we're editing it now! Check back soon!

Update! We helped this homeowner and he has just been granted a judgment of $7,500.00 against the fly by night contractor that ripped him off! Check back soon for the whole story!
11/8/2010 - Colorado Springs, CO Recycled asphalt put down and sprayed with asphalt sealer sold as a hard surface asphalt driveway!> This is a scam we we're unaware of! We have the video footage and we're editing it now! Check back soon!

A homeowner had another fly by night contractor stop by her home and offer her a deal she couldn't refuse. The fly by night rip off contractor said "they were in the area hauling asphalt millings away for the county" and that since they we're close by, they could giver her a great deal to pave her driveway. (Millings are basically recycled asphalt in a nutshell) They said they would spray a coating on the millings that would make it hard again and that she would have a hard surface. It would be just like a regular paved driveway. Not only did this fly by night rip off contractor get the black spry all over everything, but they lied through their teeth! The asphalt is NOT hard. It's tracking everywhere in their home... it's an absolute mess! The only thing you can spray on recycled asphalt to make it hard again is a chemical called Reclamite. However, the tedious process of spraying reclamite on recycled asphalt is tedious and can be pretty labor intensive, which increases the price. Not only that but by the time you calculate the cost of treating a recycled asphalt driveway with the chemical reclamite, the additional time and labor it requires, you'd be paying the same amount for a new hot asphalt driveway!

Stay tuned for this one! We're helping this homeowner go after this contractor!

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