Will Sealcoating Make My Driveway Look New Again?

Sealing to refresh an asphalt driveway

While seal coating an asphalt driveway is great for extending the life of the asphalt, if you have a driveway that looks pretty beat up, don’t be fooled into thinking an inexpensive sealcoat application will make your driveway suddenly appear new again. As a matter of fact, something one of my former bosses used to say and I got a pretty good laugh from was, "Sealcoating a raveled, cracked up and deteriorated asphalt driveway would be like repainting a wrecked car. It may have a fresh coat of paint, but it’s still a wrecked car!"

Just remember... sealcoating your driveway will not make your old rough asphalt driveway smooth again like a brand new paving job.

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