Are there additives that can make the asphalt sealer more durable?

Additives can make asphalt sealer more durable

Asphalt sealer manufacturers generally stock additives like: rubber, sand, hardeners and poly that will add more durability to asphalt sealer and help it last much longer than a sealer purchased at a building supply store. Sealer purchased straight from a company that manufactures asphalt sealer, is by far a much higher quality product. To top it off, the cost is generally about the same price as the building supply stores.

Choosing a good contractor to sealcoat your drive way on the other hand is equally important. Request an asphalt sealcoating estimate from one of our Trusted Asphalt Repair Contractors today!

Be wary of asphalt driveway sealing scams and watch or read our series, "The Most Common Ways Asphalt Repair, Maintenance & Sealcoating Contractors Rip Us Off and How To Avoid Them".

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